New Words for 2009

Expanding my vocabulary, not such a bad thing, I came across these in 2009 (date and author noted):

12/1, mirliton, Wynton Marsalis
11/19, mondegreen, soramimi, found online
11/19, bespoke, Sherman Alexie
11/9, compere, lith, tombola, Jonathan Raban
10/31, dishdasha (also called a thawb), elytra, garron, gralloch, Marwats, A. A. Gill
10/26, epitaxy, spandrel, Michael Brooks
10/13,, dimity, Richard Yates
9/2, bhakta, guslar, Gary Snyder
8/20, irredentism, lollard, Barbara Tuchman
8/13, aigrette, Bernice Richmond
7/11, sgraffiti, sutterlin, telpher, Gunter Grass
6/15, heimwee (Dutch), muddler, prothalamion, Peter De Vries
6/6, archivolt, donga, fresno (Sp.), imbricate, litharge, mirador, mercaptan, nutant, quartern (bread), reboant, winze, Malcolm Lowry
5/24, morganatic, Anthony Hope
5/18, pendentive, Sogdian, Nick Danziger
4/25, acroama, celandine, pantisocracy, Nicols Fox
4/22, embrocation, heard at my son’s school
4/14, forbs, heard at a school parent meeting
4/11, apodictic, argillaceous, Brabantine, pightle, Berton Rouche
4/8, Liguria, Bill Pronzini
4/6, ingle, strid, found online
3/31, esparto, Daniel Yergin
3/28, fyke, hillingar, scute, seiche, Mike Winslow
3/16, amplexus, deliquesce, exciton, karst, sessile, thermohaline, thyrsus, Bruce Stutz
3/1, exedra, Kenneth Silverman
2/13, dimity, fauteuil, marmoreal, Christopher Buckley
2/12, mossback, Andrew Ferguson
2/1, balmacaan, pahit, stengah, S.J. Perelman
1/30, pashima, Bill Barich
1/26, algor (chill), word puzzle
1/23, cucurbit, Rowan Jacobsen
1/20, sugan, Steve Hockensmith
1/16, apport, bombardon, louche, saveloy, undine, Russell Miller
1/6, etrog, Morgan Spurlock
1/3, roadstead, Barbara Tuchman

To see Words I Just Learned from other years.

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