New Words for 2007

Words I Just Learned

langridge: shells of scrap iron loaded into a case, fired in naval warfare to rip down enemy sails and rigging [variation of langrage];
stochastic: involving chance or probability, containing a random variable, conjectural;
Texel: the largest and most populated of the Netherlands’s Frisian Islands [pronounced Tessel] (Freeman Dyson, 5/21)
amblyopia: lazy eye;
logomachy: arguing about words;
Nemo me impune lacessit: “No one wounds me with impunity,” the royal Scottish motto (P. G. Wodehouse, 5/15)
cavvy: a string of horses;
leech: the aft edge of a sail;
rode: an anchor line or chain;
scours: diarrhea in livestock;
zerk: a grease fitting (Thomas McGuane, 4/26)
bap: soft yeast roll with floury crust, served hot for breakfast in Scotland;
buckshee: gift or small bribe [variation of baksheesh];
gaufrette: thin, crisp, fan-shaped French wafer, often eaten with ice cream (Josephine Tey, 4/25)
fonda: small Latin American restaurant or inn (B. Traven, 4/14)
gorget: armor piece for the throat;
logan: marshy or stagnant water branched off from a lake or stream [also pokelogan];
pink: small boat with a narrow stern and overhanging transom;
tire-woman: a lady’s maid (Kenneth Roberts, 4/11)
: underground vault or burial chamber;
syenite: an igneous rock primarily made of feldspar, somewhat like granite but with much less quartz (“the coarse-grained equivalent of trachyte”);
Tycoon: title given to the shogun of Japan (Jules Verne, 4/6)
chantant: carrying a tune, melodious;
phalanstery: a building occupied by a utopian community, or the community itself [François-Marie-Charles Fourier (1772-1837) said such a community should be about 1800 people.];
Reaumur: a temperature scale where 0° is freezing, and 80° is boiling, named for René Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur (1683–1757), a French physicist (Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 4/4)
bumblefoot: a disease where a chicken’s foot swells up (private conversation, 4/2)
exogamy: marriage outside the tribe, clan, or other social unit (W. J. T. Mitchell, 3/27)
bodkin: a small leather punch or dagger;
gnomon: the part of a sundial that makes the shadow (Philip Dray, 3/26)
ninhydrin: a white or yellow toxic compound used primarily to detect the presence of various amino acids;
roughy: a small Australian fish like a perch, used for food (Michael Connelly, 3/19)

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