3,2,1… Contact

Ah, to have my own .com/

But that would take, like, organization…

In the meantime, you can get in touch via

2 Responses to 3,2,1… Contact

  1. Patricia Cleveland-Peck says:

    I am a British journlist who is trying to contact Historic Traveler magazine and surfing for this I came across your website and enjoyed reading about you. I wonder whther you could tell me if the Historic Traveler magazine still exists and if so give me the email address. i write travel articles for history lovers for our British HISTORY TODAY magazine and would like to expand into the US markets but cannot find the details of this mag on the website.
    Any help gratefull recieved,
    Thanks in advance Patricia

  2. Dick-
I’ll never forget meeting George Benson on Arch Street, going to see Loggins and Messina or sharing that Oreo cookie. Glad to know you are alive and well. Chrissie Fleming forwarded your messages to and from Zuckerman. I am going to try to attend the anniversary talk. I, too have a pretty extensive collection of old HIPs, not complete I’m afraid, but turning a lovely shade of brown.
    Be well,

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