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QFT, Pollution

– Does it make you angry the way man has polluted this planet? “What makes me angry is people planning to do things that will pollute the planet… I look at the planet and all you see is proof that … Continue reading

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Mightier than the Sword?

I just found out about Cormac McCarthy’s Olivetti typewriter, which he bought in 1963 for $50 and a mere 46 years, plus about 5 million words, later sold at auction for $254,500. Like many people, I also had a Lettera … Continue reading

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Armed and Ignorant

I’m finishing up my next article, due this week, another piece for America in World War II, this one about the history of the two most used U.S. weapons of the war, the M1 rifle (or ‘Garand’) and the M1 … Continue reading

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Red Right… Returning?

As someone who has spent more time in the last six years than I ever could have imagined either tying and/or chaining, then untying and/or unchaining, tour boats and barges onto or away from very large cruise ships, I was … Continue reading

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“Roll Over. Play Dead.”

I am known for my antipathy to the news. (In his book Information Anxiety, Richard Saul Wurman has the best term for it: “Violent wallpaper.”) I could not, however, resist a story from Germany I came across today, about a … Continue reading

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“We’ll Have Dancing Afterward.”

So says Leonato at the end of Much Ado About Nothing, which I finished reading today. I found a shelf of The Yale Shakespeare here in the town library, and decided to read one new to me every month during … Continue reading

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Only 8.59 Miles (as the seagull flies)

I got an email yesterday from my friends at TrueMajority — who I’ve been meaning to go visit, ever since I realized their office is on the third floor of some building downtown. I’d like to a) see actual grassroots … Continue reading

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We’re #50!

Can’t remember why I was reading the December 2002 issue of The Atlantic the other day (probably to avoid some sort of real work), but in any case I came across this interesting statistic: “Everyone knows that the United States … Continue reading

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Fairies 1, Developers 0

If you’ve followed our exodus from Maine since the beginning, you know that we were supposed to move into our current apartment at the end of August, but didn’t get in until the first week of October. Why? Because of… … Continue reading

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Tabled for Discussion

Our friend John — well, his station wagon, really — delivered our kitchen table and chairs in a 5x4x2-foot box this afternoon, so the apartment (finally) is (mostly) furnished. We have been using a card table and three metal folding … Continue reading

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