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Interviewing Captain Robin, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1) * * * [Robin] Walbridge, who’s been with the Bounty since 1995, comes from South Florida. The captain says, “I’m from Ramrod Key, which is the 26-mile marker, down in the Keys, but I ended up … Continue reading

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Interviewing Captain Robin, Part 1

Wandering around in the depths of my computer I just came across this interview I failed to sell anywhere 11 years ago. Its subject, Captain Robin Walbridge, became national news last year when his ship the H.M.S. Bounty sank off … Continue reading

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Thought for Today

“The rich were getting richer, the poor were getting poorer, small farmers were being squeezed out, workingmen were working twelve hours a day for a bare living; profits were for the rich, the law was for the rich, the cops … Continue reading

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English as a Second (or Third?) Language

Getting better at design/proofreading = good. Becoming more aware, and thus annoyed all the time, by bad design/proofreading = bad. Usually I try to let things slide, but this American Cancer Society bookmark found yesterday in a rack at the … Continue reading

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Pack Fair and Square

One of my favorite blogs, The Walker, is consistently good; today it takes a look back at an early 1980s concert at the Los Angeles Coliseum featuring The Rolling Stones, The J. Geils Band, and a then-little-known performer named Prince, … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Baltimore History (which never happened)

A law professor at the University of Arizona wrote me last summer, out of the internet ether, to ask about my sources for a Sports Illustrated article I wrote 27 years ago (published 7-12-82) about Thomas Edison. He was interested, … Continue reading

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More Fun with Numbers

There’s a full-page photo of Kevin Bacon in this week’s paper, with a little blurb titled No Degrees of Separation, because he’s appearing at Dartmouth College tonight to receive their film award. So I start explaining Bacon numbers to my … Continue reading

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