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English as a Second (or Third?) Language

Getting better at design/proofreading = good. Becoming more aware, and thus annoyed all the time, by bad design/proofreading = bad. Usually I try to let things slide, but this American Cancer Society bookmark found yesterday in a rack at the … Continue reading

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Pack Fair and Square

One of my favorite blogs, The Walker, is consistently good; today it takes a look back at an early 1980s concert at the Los Angeles Coliseum featuring The Rolling Stones, The J. Geils Band, and a then-little-known performer named Prince, … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Baltimore History (which never happened)

A law professor at the University of Arizona wrote me last summer, out of the internet ether, to ask about my sources for a Sports Illustrated article I wrote 27 years ago (published 7-12-82) about Thomas Edison. He was interested, … Continue reading

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More Fun with Numbers

There’s a full-page photo of Kevin Bacon in this week’s paper, with a little blurb titled No Degrees of Separation, because he’s appearing at Dartmouth College tonight to receive their film award. So I start explaining Bacon numbers to my … Continue reading

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Number, Please

Cable made an interesting comment on the phone this afternoon — we were talking about sudoku, which I like, he doesn’t. I find it intriguing how the numbers fit together so precisely in rows, columns, and boxes. He says that … Continue reading

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Forward, Into the Past

I just finished reading The Door Into Summer, a 1957 book by the famous science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein. It was his sixth novel, sandwiched between Double Star (#5), Starship Troopers (#7), and the cult classic Stranger in a … Continue reading

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Police State(s)

After seven months in the state I finally read Archer Mayor’s first novel from 1988, Open Season, which introduced everyone (and now me) to Vermont’s most famous (fictional) detective, Joe Gunther. The story, set mostly in Brattleboro at the bottom … Continue reading

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Only 8.59 Miles (as the seagull flies)

I got an email yesterday from my friends at TrueMajority — who I’ve been meaning to go visit, ever since I realized their office is on the third floor of some building downtown. I’d like to a) see actual grassroots … Continue reading

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Billions and Billions Served…

I started having problems with my computer while online a few hours ago, long pauses and the spinning wheel of (not quite) death, so I got out my faithful DiskWarrior CD — which, I’m not being paid for saying, is … Continue reading

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We’re #50!

Can’t remember why I was reading the December 2002 issue of The Atlantic the other day (probably to avoid some sort of real work), but in any case I came across this interesting statistic: “Everyone knows that the United States … Continue reading

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