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Dead Food

The other day, I came upon a list of Jell-O flavors that had been abandoned. It seems a good idea, to me at least, that the manufacturers did away with: bubble gum celery coffee cotton candy Italian salad maple syrup … Continue reading

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Goes Into

Early this morning, my wife had to get to the bus station 50 miles away in the big city (pop. 33,000); we left home at 5:30, a time when I’m often headed to bed. Before returning to the house I … Continue reading

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Thought for Today

“The rich were getting richer, the poor were getting poorer, small farmers were being squeezed out, workingmen were working twelve hours a day for a bare living; profits were for the rich, the law was for the rich, the cops … Continue reading

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I Should Talk…

My favorite grandniece (well, I only have one, I guess) celebrated her first birthday last Wednesday. Which surprised me — her parents run the most active child blog maybe in history, and I have heard so much about this kid … Continue reading

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Not From Around Here

My favorite geography joke comes from Eastern Pennsylvania. An Amish schoolteacher asks a boy “Where was Jesus born?” and Little Jakey (Amish boys in jokes are always named Jakey) answers, “It was in Allentown.” “No,” the teacher corrects him. “It … Continue reading

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Escape at Last

I was starting to lose hope, but I actually got out of VT today, for the first time in 2006. Rented a Ford Fusion (which I’d never heard of) with about 3600 miles on it, and added 371 more on … Continue reading

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Backwoods Style

The March Esquire came in the mail today, the ‘Style 2006’ issue, which means that I immediately tossed out about 45% of the 238 pages. I like to tear up magazines while I read them (unless, of course, I’m in … Continue reading

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