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Overheard at the Bar Last Tuesday Night

“If I was in a room with you, Hitler, and Osama bin Laden, and had a gun with two bullets, I’d shoot you twice.”

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He Could Be Your Twin Brother

Standing in the aisle next to the baked beans in the grocery store this afternoon, I heard an older woman calling, “Brian! Brian!” Then turned and found she was talking to me. “I don’t think so,” I said as she … Continue reading

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A Cut Above: RIP Gunnar Hansen

I just learned, via MetaFilter, that Gunnar Hansen – the legendary Leatherface from the original version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – has died. I am not much of a horror film fan, but I did admire that movie, which … Continue reading

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My Sister Wants to Know

…what this thing (these things?) is/are. “How should I know?” I said. “The people at Ask Metafilter can tell you in five minutes,” she said. ??? * * * Well, it wasn’t five minutes, but it was less than an … Continue reading

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Whole Lotta Shakin’

Driving home from Portland this afternoon, I pulled out a tape cassette (remember them?) I compiled back in 2006 for a Bar Harbor band I liked called The Shakes. As with almost every good Bar Harbor band, under whatever name, … Continue reading

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Good Point

As we get ready to leave Vermont, my wife has been selling off our furniture (at bargain prices). A family came by this morning to pick up a twin bed, a bed frame, our dining room table, some chairs, three … Continue reading

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It Rhymes With Fresca

Writers commonly go on tour to promote their work, which seems to make sense — although a number of very good authors who I’ve seen over the years are not adept at it. In a way, that also makes sense … Continue reading

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Overheard by the Circulation Desk

At the library tonight, a man came up and said, “I’d like to renew my, uh, what-do-you-call-it?” “Library card?” asked the young woman behind the desk. “Yeah. That’s it.”

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She’s That Kind of Girl

Today at noon I walked to the post office because George in Manset had asked me to mail a copy of my book to a friend of his in Boston. I thought I could get there before the place closed … Continue reading

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Google Fiber? Sounds Like a Healthy Diet Indeed.

Some local people are trying to make the Internet work properly in Shelburne, which would be a welcome change. If we lived in the next town, we’d be eligible to go with Green Mountain Access, about whom I have heard … Continue reading

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