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Mind Bending

Having some trouble lately deciding which of my thousands of records – remember them, before CDs? – to listen to, I’ve started pulling albums at random off the shelves, then working my way down the alphabet. Which means that one … Continue reading

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30,000 is a Lot of Pounds

At dinner last month, John brought up the old Harry Chapin song, 30,000 Thousand Pounds of Bananas, which reminded me of a photograph I took way back in April 1976. I’d gone to Lebanon Valley College to review one of … Continue reading

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Said the Nitro-Retro Groove Drunkard

A friend emails me that he is enjoying “a cool music blog” called Gorilla Vs. Bear. Leaving aside the fact that I thought it was supposed to be Bear v. Shark or Eagle Vs Shark, it’s remarkable just how much … Continue reading

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Whole Lotta Shakin’

Driving home from Portland this afternoon, I pulled out a tape cassette (remember them?) I compiled back in 2006 for a Bar Harbor band I liked called The Shakes. As with almost every good Bar Harbor band, under whatever name, … Continue reading

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A Spangled Star

Somebody – Martin Mull seems to be a current favorite – said, “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” And Frank Zappa gets credit for “Most rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for … Continue reading

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Calling Zhuangzi (or Freddie Mercury)

The other night, my wife and I were in bed together, which (especially after 30+ years) is not the beginning of an x-rated story, but quite unusual. She, being regular in her habits, is the classic ‘early to bed, early … Continue reading

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Old People’s Music

Dan, a friend from the 60s, emails from Texas about Wolfgang’s Vault, which he calls “a site featuring an astonishing number of concert videos and other music-related stuff. There’s a free subscription and a premium one; my freebie takes me … Continue reading

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Pack Fair and Square

One of my favorite blogs, The Walker, is consistently good; today it takes a look back at an early 1980s concert at the Los Angeles Coliseum featuring The Rolling Stones, The J. Geils Band, and a then-little-known performer named Prince, … Continue reading

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