Favorite Books 2010

My Favorite Books for the Year 2010
(of 170 read)

Benioff, David

City of Thieves (published in 2008)*

Capra, Frank

The Name Above the Title (1971)

Carlson, Peter

K Blows Top (2009)

Jacobson, Mark

The Lampshade (2010)

Murakami, Haruki

Kafka on the Shore (2002)

Milgrom, Melissa

Still Life (2010)

Pasternak, Boris

Doctor Zhivago (1958)

Taylor, Alan

American Colonies (2001)

* my book of the year

* * *
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1 Response to Favorite Books 2010

  1. Hey Richard! Cable just told me that STILL LIFE made your top ten. Thank you! I am flattered—and humbled by your ability to read 170 books a year. What’s your take on the electronic reading device? I read on both paper and machine, depending on the book (and the jacket), my mood, if I am traveling, price (I download lots of copyright-free classics), and if I am too lazy to get off the beach to use a real dictionary (the built-in electronic Oxford edition is perfect). Just wanted to say hello and thank you for the honor. Please stay in touch. Melissa

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