Favorite Books 2008

My Favorite Books for the Year 2008
(of 167 read)

Douglas, Scott

Quiet, Please (published in 2008)

Ferguson, Will

Hokkaido Highway Blues (1998)

Franzen, Jonathan

The Corrections (2001)

Garfield, Brian

The Thousand-Mile War (1969)

Malone, Michael

Foolscap (1991)

Moore, Christopher

Lamb (2002)

Pollack, Neal

Alternadad (2007)

Tuchman, Barbara

Stilwell and the American Experience in China,
(1971) *

* my book of the year

* * *
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1 Response to Favorite Books 2008

  1. nice to see LAMB here. possibly my favorite book. i have read most of his oevre but none of it, in my opinion, comes close to this one (though my dad feels the opposite).

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