Favorite Books 2006

My Favorite Books for the Year 2006
(of 149 read)

Auster, Paul

Mr. Vertigo (published in 1994)
also Timbuktu (1999)

Cahill, Tim

Road Fever (1991)
also Hold the Enlightenment (2002)

Corson, Trevor

The Secret Life of Lobsters (2004)

Dick, Philip K.

Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick (2002)

Dickens, Charles

The Pickwick Papers (1836-37)

Ferguson, Craig

Between the Bridge and the River (2006) *

Martel, Yann

Life of Pi (2001)

Wouk, Herman

Don’t Stop the Carnival (1965)

* my book of the year

* * *
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1 Response to Favorite Books 2006

  1. did you know that jimmy buffett wrote a musical version of DON’T STOP THE CARNIVAL?

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