My Favorite Books

Compared to the general public — who probably have better things to do — I read a lot. It’s much easier than writing (one way I make my pitiful income), and also a great way to escape reality. Sometimes I even get to combine reading and writing by reviewing books, which I enjoy (and which is really pitiful money).

Not to be a nut about it (like Art Garfunkel), but I regret not having kept track of the thousands of books I read during my teenage and young adult years. However, I have kept a list of the books I’ve read since 1970. (6,697 total, through the end of 2018 – but who’s counting?) Also various other lists of more books (well over 1,000) I’ve heard about, which seem like they’d be good to read someday.

Also since 1970, I’ve awarded honors to the eight books I most enjoyed reading that particular year. (Sometimes the award goes to an author for a group of books.) My favorite book each year is awarded the special Asterisk of Achievement.

There’s no publicity, no ‘short list,’ no bragging rights — none of these authors, I’m sure, even realize they’ve won the thus highly non-prestigious Sassaman Book Awards.

favorites for 2018
favorites for 2017
favorites for 2016
favorites for 2015
favorites for 2014
favorites for 2013
favorites for 2012
favorites for 2011
favorites for 2010
favorites for 2009
favorites for 2008
favorites for 2007
favorites for 2006
favorites for 2005
favorites for 2004
favorites for 2003
favorites for 2002

[Update: in 2011, one author did find out. But she didn’t get the award because she was the friend of a friend – she got it because she wrote a really good book.]

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