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“I have found, Dr, Mallory, that ‘journalist’ is a usefully vague term, allowing one to make any number of odd inquiries. By nature, I am a man of broad but woefully shallow curiosity.” — The Difference Engine, William Gibson and Bruce Sterling

Over the last 45 years, I’ve sold hundreds of articles and photographs to about 75 different magazines and newspapers, a wide range of publications from A to Y. A representative listing includes:

Air and Space/Smithsonian

Alexander Graham Bell’s Nova Scotia flights (November 1993)
The Antique Airplane Association of Ottumwa, Iowa (March 2000)
a wrecked Cessna becomes a championship barbecue grill in Missouri (January 2002)
Sam Cody’s man-lifting kites in England (November 1991)
Charles Lindbergh’s Crate now a Maine museum (July 1990, July 1996)
NASA sky search software used to compose music (May 1995)
the National Agricultural Aviation Museum in Mississippi (February 1999)
Nebraska’s Strategic Air Command Museum (May 1995)
Northern Maine’s 40-mile-long model of the solar system (January 2001)
Norway’s aviation museum above the Arctic Circle (November 1999)
Edgar Allan Poe’s 1844 transAtlantic balloon hoax (September 1993)
1902 Texas plane built using the Bible as a blueprint (May 1991)
the U.S. Naval Academy builds a satellite at bargain prices (March 2002)
the Wright Brothers’s $4 launch railroad (September 1987)

America In WWII

the Battling Bastards of Bataan (cover story, April 2007)
Bob Hope and the road to G. I. Joe (cover story, October 2007)
the Doolittle raid on Japan (cover story, June 2007)
the Four Chaplains (February 2008)
Gene Autry: A Cowboy Gets His wings (August 2011)
General Patton: genius or jerk? (cover story, April 2010)
Great Lakes aircraft carrier training (April 2011)
Japan invades Alaska’s Aleutian Islands (June 2008)
Lucille Ball’s touchy teeth and other WWII legends (Winter 2010 special issue)
The M1 rifle and the M1 carbine: guns that won the war (October 2012)
Nazi spies invade Down East Maine (October 2005)
100 ways WWII changed America and the world (contributor, October 2010)
pigeon missiles and bat bombs (Summer 2011 special issue)
‘Vinegar Joe’ Stilwell and the China/Burma/India theater (December 2008)
Ynamre gets the bomb, a science fiction saga (June 2006)

American Heritage

Andrew Carnegie’s dinosaurs (March 1988)
G.A.I.M. Sykes, rainmaker at the race track (July 1986)

American Heritage of Invention & Technology

Charles A. Levine, aviation’s anti-Lindbergh (Summer 2006)
Historic Preservation: the Mason jar (Spring 1993)
Joshua Lionel Cowen’s toy trains (Winter 1995)
Toronto’s TV museum (Summer 2006)

American History

Air Force One retires (February 2002)
A Borderline War: Maine and New Brunswick, 1839 (February 2001)
where is Christopher Columbus’s body? (February 2003)
Thomas Jefferson’s giant piece of cheese (January 1989)
America’s first explorer: John Ledyard (April 1999)
Meriwether Lewis: Murder or Suicide? (April 2003)
Minuteman Missile National Historic Site in South Dakota (December 2001)
Samuel F.B. Morse’s art career (April 1988)
Mount Vernon: the DNA of George Washington’s trees (August 2002)
Mount Vernon: a new George Washington museum (October 2002)
murder in Washington, D.C. — the trial of the [19th] century (October 1998)
Owl’s Head Transportation Museum in Maine (April 2002)
Alferd Packer and Colorado’s cannibal controversy (June 2001)
P-38 from Greenland restored in Kentucky after nine years (April 2002)
the tall ship Bounty restored in Maine (December 2002)
an exact model of the Wright Brother’s 1903 Flyer (August 2001)


spending five days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (May 1984)


R&D at the Wright Cycle Shop in Dayton, Ohio (July 1982)
testing miniature 35mm touring cameras (February 1983)

CD Review

interview: Windham Hill’s William Ackerman (August 1989)

The Christian Science Monitor

Acadia National Park management planning (November 22, 1988)
China’s unknown dinosaurs (May 3, 1988)
Gulf of Maine finback whale research at Mt. Desert Rock (July 12, 1988)
studying at the Singapore airport (June 16, 1997)


Thomas Jefferson, paleontologist (September 1989)
Southwestern archaeologists Kidder and Bandelier (June 1983)
The Wright Brothers as young businessmen (December 1984)

CoEvolution Quarterly

attempted murder near Death Valley (Spring 1980)

Country Journal

Bar Harbor’s R.F.D. mail route (October 1989)

Egg Magazine

a cappella singers The Bobs (Summer 1997)
The National Song and Dance Ensemble of Tibet (Spring 1997)
The Rock-Bottom Remainders tour America (Summer 1998)

Face Magazine

interview: Maine jazz drummer Steve Grover (March 1, 2000)
interview: Cape Breton fiddler Natalie MacMaster (May 10, 2000)
interview: drummer Stanton Moore of Galactic (February 2001)
interview: Gambia for the People, two Maine musicians live, perform, and record with local musicians in West Africa (August 2002)
interview: bassist Alex Blake (October 2004)

Harrisburg Independent Press

interviews 1972-1977: Dave Brubeck, George Carlin, Alice Cooper, Aaron Copland, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Dr. John, Dean Koontz, Morris the Cat, etc.

Historic Traveler

Bar Harbor’s summer season started along the Shore Path (March 1997)
Burnham Tavern in Machias, Maine, where the Revolutionary War began (May 1998)
Key to the Continent: New York’s Fort Ticonderoga (cover story, Fall 2002)
Sigmund Freud visits America (April 1998)
FDR’s Campobello Island (March 1999)


antique apples in Republic County (Fall 1990)

Modern Maturity

Roxie Laybourne: the world expert on feathers (September 1990)

Motorcycles in Retrospect

the Badlands of North Dakota (Spring 2003)
the Barber Museum, Birmingham, Alabama (Fall 2002)
bike week in South Florida (Winter 2003)
forts and fossils of western Kansas (Winter 2003)
gold mining, good riding in northern Georgia (Summer 2002)
Harley-Davidson’s Open Road centennial tour (Fall 2002)
Roadside America, in Shartlesville, Pennsylvania (Spring 2003)
southern Nebraska is Willa Cather country (Summer 2002)

National Lampoon

airplane safety instruction cards (November 1980)


Oregon high desert river rafting (June 30, 1985)

Pacific Discovery

Washington’s whale museum in Friday Harbor (June 1981)

Port O’Call

Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theater (Summer 2008)
Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park (Summer 2007)

Renewal: a Journal for Waldorf Education

9/11 and afterward at a Maine Waldorf School (Spring-Summer 2002)
the handshake at the classroom door (Fall-Winter 2006)

Sea Frontiers

Baltimore’s National Aquarium (February 1984)

Solar Age

EDIS/NOAA monitoring network problems (December 1980)

Sports Illustrated

a pinball machine invented for quadriplegics (April 2, 1990)
Thomas Edison and boxing (July 12, 1982)


Willa Cather’s Nebraska (August 1985)
Dinosaurland, U.S.A. (July 1984)
the U.S. Air Force Museum in Ohio (June 1983)

Travel & Leisure

Southern U.S. coastal forts of the National Park Service (June 1983)

Western Gateways

Kaibab squirrels at the Grand Canyon (September 1971)

Whole Earth Review

Johnny Appleseed; the origins of Arbor Day (Spring 1990)

Wildfowl Carving

collecting antique decoys (Spring 2008)

Wiser Living in Maine

a Bar Harbor farmer works to reduce Maine’s food waste (Fall/Winter 2014/2015)


a Maine bird-carving museum in Southwest Harbor (July 1983)
winter crime in Bar Harbor (March 1997)

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