The Hole Story

A MetaFilter post yesterday pointed readers to the Royal Albert Hall’s website, and its announcement that recently found documents showed officials there had not been pleased when the Beatles’s classic song A Day in the Life implied that the hall was full of holes. An outraged letter written in May 1967 to the group’s manager Brian Epstein, signed by chief executive Ernest O’Follipar, helped clear things up when readers realized a) that it was April 1st, and b) the letters in ‘O’Follipar’ sorted themselves into ‘April Fool.’

The MeFi discussion about “how many holes it takes” reminded me of the sight gag from the Sea of Holes in the 1968 cartoon adventure Yellow Submarine, when Ringo discovers he has “a hole in me pocket.” Reading more about the making of the movie, I found this remarkable story about the voice actors impersonating the Beatles:

“One of the quartet, Peter Batten, has completely disappeared. Director George Dunning had overheard Batten talking in a Liverpudlian accent in a London pub. He cast him on the spot as George Harrison, although Batten had never acted before. Towards the end of the production, Batten was in bed with one of the young women on the production team when the military police burst in and arrested him for desertion. He has not been seen or heard of since.”

According to the Wikipedia, from then on the actor pretending to be Ringo had to pretend to be George as well.

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