My New Favorite Question

YouTube guessed I might be interested in a 1983 Stan Getz/Chet Baker concert filmed in Stockholm – which I was, since Getz is one of my favorite saxophone players. I like Baker, too, except for his singing, which drives me up the proverbial wall. (I especially love the records Baker made in the 1950s with another one of my favorite saxophone players: Gerry Mulligan. It’s hard to believe cool jazz ever got cooler than this.)

My favorite moment of the broadcast, though, came outside the theater. Before the music started, an interviewer cornered Getz and asked a string of mundane questions, while Stan watched him intently, looking like a man constantly trying to remember to stay civil. The first question – “Here we are. Do you know where we are?” – seemed especially gratuitous, until I realized the interviewer was trying to joke with Getz about them being in ‘Gamla Stan,’ Stockholm’s ‘old town.’

The interview took place in English, with Swedish subtitles, and included near its beginning a question about Getz’s first trip to Sweden in 1950. The man asked it this way: “And where did you came?”

In Swedish, it’s “Och var var du då?”

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