Said the Nitro-Retro Groove Drunkard

A friend emails me that he is enjoying “a cool music blog” called Gorilla Vs. Bear. Leaving aside the fact that I thought it was supposed to be Bear v. Shark or Eagle Vs Shark, it’s remarkable just how much music (much of it obscure) is loose in the world.

I don’t know if I can deal with Gorilla Vs. Bear because I already have plenty of ways to waste time, including four… wait, now five music blogs I’ve been following for a few years. My favorite probably is Home of the Groove, which appears not as regularly as the others, but the entries often are seven or eight times as long as a typical blog post. And usually fascinating — the home of the groove, obviously, is New Orleans.

Speaking of grooves, Groove on Fire mostly features rap and hip hop and is less to my liking, but it sometimes includes jazz posts I enjoy. Nitro-Retro, the creator of which threatened to give up earlier this year (but then happily didn’t), features a crazy mix of (usually) garage bands — i.e., Los Creeple People, The Growlers, The Organ Grynders, The Cavemen, and The Slaves — similar to those groups described on the classic double-album Nuggets (1972) as “Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era.”

It’s hard to believe there’s ever been a better garage band song than Shut Up”, by The Slaves.

The most variety I find at Aquarium Drunkard, from Los Angeles, which calls itself “an eclectic, independent audio blog.” And somehow two months or so ago I came upon Said the Gramophone, out of Canada, which in addition to good music has by far the most interesting artwork and photography I’ve seen at any music blog I’ve. (Example 1. And this truly wonderful photo of English women assembling Beatle LPs in late 1965.)

Happy listening.

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