Good Point

As we get ready to leave Vermont, my wife has been selling off our furniture (at bargain prices). A family came by this morning to pick up a twin bed, a bed frame, our dining room table, some chairs, three bureaus, three lamps, and two other cabinets. While the father and older son carried things out to their rental truck, I helped occasionally, but mostly hung out with the two younger children, a girl (8) and a boy (6).

Somehow we started doing addition and subtraction riddles, and I thought I would trick them with the old favorite about how you can divide an unequal number of apples fairly — make applesauce.

“If there were three of us, and we had nine apples, how many would each of us get?” I asked, and the girl said, “Three.”

“If there were three of us, and we had one hundred apples, what would we each get?” I asked.

“A tummy ache,” the six-year-old said.

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