Overheard by the Circulation Desk

At the library tonight, a man came up and said, “I’d like to renew my, uh, what-do-you-call-it?”

“Library card?” asked the young woman behind the desk.

“Yeah. That’s it.”

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1 Response to Overheard by the Circulation Desk

  1. salamanderheart says:

    Overheard at the circulation desk at my library (the last time I got to go there..in 2011)
    A high-school girl came up and asked for a book on poetry. The librarian gave her a copy of Wordsworth’s Daffodils.
    A few minutes later, she was back. “What is it about?” she asked.
    “It’s called Daffodils,” the librarian offered.
    “Yeah, but WHAT IS IT ABOUT?”
    “It’s about flowers.”
    Absolutely true and verbatim!

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