She’s That Kind of Girl

Today at noon I walked to the post office because George in Manset had asked me to mail a copy of my book to a friend of his in Boston. I thought I could get there before the place closed at noon, if I hurried, and — slightly out of breath — I arrived a few moments before noon to find a) that the window actually closed at 1p, and b) about a dozen people in front of me.

Who says the post office isn’t so popular these days? I waited in line behind a guy who reminded me, in his own way, of that Southern gentleman Ignatius J. Reilly, and when a passing lady said, to no one in particular, “What’s with this line? Is it for Valentine’s Day?” he turned and spoke to me.

“You know,” he said, “a friend of mine in New York City who has an antiques place sent me an old valentine the other day. It showed two girls sitting next to each other, and said, ‘Peggy had many valentine cards while Viola had only one.’ Then down below it said, ‘Peggy is a whore.’”

This being the Information Age, I thought, someone will have posted that online.

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