I Should Talk…

My favorite grandniece (well, I only have one, I guess) celebrated her first birthday last Wednesday. Which surprised me — her parents run the most active child blog maybe in history, and I have heard so much about this kid already that I assumed she was at least two or three years old.

The blog is a welcome oasis of happiness in the usually dismal news of the day, in fact, but I was teasing her mother (one of my two favorite nieces of the two I’ve got) about all the attention her daughter gets. “How many photos have you taken of her so far?” I asked. “Your digital camera will tell you.”

Turned out the answer was about 7,000. 7,000! (A year, by the way, is made up of 8,760 hours, so 7,000 equals a photo about every 75 minutes. Every single day. Of the same little girl.) I suppose, actually, that many photos get taken of, say, Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie, every time they walk outside, but we’re talking here about a (as of last Wednesday) one-year-old.

So I laughed about that a bit, and then a day later it occurred to me to check out how many digital photos I’d taken during that same year, June 2 to June 2. Not all of the same kid, it’s true, but when I added things up from my two cameras, the answer was (d..r..u..m  r..o..l..l..) 13,779.

13,779! In one year! That’s, like, close to 200% of 7,000. (In my defense, let me say that at least a dozen or so of the pictures were very very good.)

I was so embarrassed that the next day I went over to a gathering in central Maine and shot 542 more.

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4 Responses to I Should Talk…

  1. BJS says:

    You actually have two great-nieces. And the question is…how many photos of Ezra did you take in his first year.

    • RPS says:

      Oh my goodness, I forgot all about the other one. (I actually like her better than that little publicity hound in NY State.)

      As for your question, I have no idea. (I didn’t have a digital camera counting for me back 16 years ago.) Since film was expensive, probably not more than one-two rolls a month? I.E., maybe 500-600?

  2. Kerry Mizrahi says:

    NOT ONLY do you have two grand-nieces, but you sent me this email in response to Saia’s birth announcement – I save a lot of yours, but this was one of my favorites……

    “Thanks for your informative and delightful email. I would like to care about your baby, but I have just discovered my grand-niece Lily, who is the most wonderful child in the whole world, and currently I am obsessed with her.

    I have penciled your new daughter (Gaia? Maia? Taia?) in for mid-November, 2013, and I promise to hear all about her then.

    Love, RPS”

    We’re excited for 11/15/13! We’ve been counting the days……

  3. jennifer says:

    As one of your two favorite nieces I thought I’d throw out a word about excessive photo taking. I’m directing (again) The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) and I’ve had a production assistant taking photos of rehearsals… I think he’s taken 2400 in the past 4 weeks (I could check but it’s all on my home computer and I’m at the University right now, but it’s been at least 600 a week). I know I didn’t take them but they’re all on my camera and I’ll have to sort through them (though, this child seems to be inherently incapable of taking a decent picture).

    Show’s going really well too! 2 shows so far, 2 standing ovations. Also, the Dean of my school is pretty excited about the work and is trying to arrange it to tour throughout the state to various campuses.
    It’s an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning super energized about my JOB.

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