Google Fiber? Sounds Like a Healthy Diet Indeed.

Some local people are trying to make the Internet work properly in Shelburne, which would be a welcome change. If we lived in the next town, we’d be eligible to go with Green Mountain Access, about whom I have heard good things. Unfortunately, the boundary line is a mile or so to the south and thus, to put it politely, we’re screwed.

Visual Aids:

Nothing like being in the bottom third of the class… especially since I’ve been working more and more this winter as an Internet researcher. Of course I also spend much of my spare time roaming the Internet; it would be nice to be able to waste time online at a much faster rate.

It’s especially bad in our case, because — while trying to avoid the phone company without using cell phones — we signed up with an Internet phone company, and the connection is so bad that our phone service drops out all the time. When people call, they’re often told our number isn’t even in service… but I guess if it’s that important, they’ll try again, right?

Of course, in the end there’s no avoiding the phone company, because they’re the only ones allowed to provide DSL service to Shelburne. And, as you may have heard, they’re doing a tremendous job:

“Fairpoint at Fail Point?”
and a followup.

They’ve also apparently gone bankrupt. But, happily, that’s one problem they have that’s not also mine.

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