I Hate Boats

The customer is always right, supposedly, but whenever people coming on board ask, “I get really seasick; where should I sit?” I always want to say, “Maybe you shouldn’t be buying a ticket for a boat trip in the first place.”

Kevin told me this story while we were cleaning the boat after the tour today:

Listen to this, Richard. The other day I was working the ramp of the whale watch boat and, not long before we left the dock, a woman came running up to me and said, “I have to get off the boat. Can I get my money back if I get off the boat right now?”

“Sure,” I said. “We haven’t gone anywhere yet. Just go up to the office and turn in your ticket.”

“I have to get off the boat,” she said again. “I hate boats.”

So there she goes, back up the ramp, and now we’re about to cast off the lines when another woman comes running up to me and says, “Did my sister just get off the boat? She can’t stand boats.” When I told her yes, she said, “Well, if she got off I’m getting off too. I don’t like boats either.”

And that’s it for both of them, except before the second woman starts up the ramp, she turns to me and asks, “By the way, how do we get back to our cruise ship?”

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