Want a Job? No thanks.

After years of reading about Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, I actually found myself this afternoon in a place (Church Street, downtown Burlington) that had a scoop shop. First I saw the TV truck from Channel 5, then a guy wearing some sort of cow costume, then the long line down the block of (mostly) kids patiently waiting for their cones.

And sure we old folks don’t understand the young, but it seemed particularly stupid that they were standing there for what, half an hour, an hour, just to save a few bucks on ice cream? With the temperature in the low 40°s, and winds gusting to 20 mph?

I’m sure if you went up to any of them and said, ”I want to hire you. I need you to stand out here for 40 or 50 minutes. And I’ll pay you $2,” they wouldn't jump at the opportunity.

* * *

4-26-06, 11a
My friend Ron from the Bar Harbor hostel, who I haven't talked to for about eight months, called out of the blue the other day. Among other things, he told me he now lives in Burlington (!), and works mornings in a kiosk called Magnetics at the University Mall. This morning, when he called again, he mentioned that his kiosk is right across from the scoop shop there, which he says was a madhouse yesterday.

They had six scoopers on duty working steadily, who (the assistant manager told Ron later) handed out some 4,000 cones for Free Cone Day 2006.

I guess at least the weather was nicer inside the mall.

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