Danish Fimboe? Venezuelan Beaver Cheese?

The December issue of the Onion Skin came in the mail today, newsletter of the food co-op downtown. I don’t mean to be spreading stereotypes, but the main story on the centerfold pages? Preparing and Shipping Your Gift of Vermont Cheese.

And I quote: “#1. Select a cheese that will hold up to the rigors of shipping. We recommend waxed, smoked, or hard cheeses, such as cheddars or parmesans. Brie and other soft cheeses do not ship well.”

Additionally, “We also recommend that your package be shipped at the beginning of the week to avoid being undelivered on Sunday.? “If the package is going to a warm climate it is best to include a cold pack in the box.? And remember, “Slight oil separation will not change the taste of the cheese.?

At least it sounds like the co-op actually has some cheese. Not like this place.

The newsletter was addressed to my wife even though she doesn’t belong to the co-op — and probably won’t shop there much, either, because it’s a) expensive, b) seven miles away and we don’t have a car, and c) unlike the food co-op in Montpelier, won’t accept her co-op card from away.

Also today, I got my first junk mail sent by a magazine to me at our new address. The New Yorker welcomed me to my new home and then asked if I would like to add another year to my current subscription at a very reasonable rate. Which I might… except I’m not subscribing at the moment to The New Yorker.

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