The Little Genius

After my diatribe yesterday about deluxe letter openers, worse news today. I awake to find Ezra destroying a little … I honestly don’t know what these things are called. It’s one of those stickers with a photo on it, which changes as you tilt it from side to side. 2 inches wide, 2.5 inches high.

It came in a box of Cheerios, as part of a Disney promotion for something — TV show? movie? DVD? — called Little Einsteins. Sorry I can’t show it to you here, because by the time I arrived on the scene Ezra had already bent it in half, then in half again, then in half a third time, and was about to rip it into eight little pieces. Encouraged by his mother, of course, who as a Waldorf pre-school teacher hates merchandising, especially Disney merchandising, and thinks the mouse people should be tarred and feathered, and hauled by Cinderella’s coach right out of their so-called Magic Kingdom. (Not her exact words.)

Little Einsteins. What a way to treat Time magazine’s Man… I mean Person of the 20th Century. Fortunately, Albert has been dead for 50 years, and doesn’t have to know that his image, his good name, and now apparently his brain are being shilled to people like Apple Computers, NBC, Nestle, Nikon, Pepsi, and Disney by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The sticker was titled “Leo Conducts at Yosemite!? It shows a kid wearing glasses (like all geniuses), holding an orchestra leader’s baton, standing in front of… a geyser.

When you tilt the thing, Leo’s arms go back and forth, and the geyser — almost certainly Old Faithful — goes up and down. Yes, it’s.. er, Yellowstone National Park. While Leo, according to the title, is conducting at Yosemite. He’s off by at least 950 miles.

The kid’s a freakin’ genius!

[Update: I found out those things are called motion or wiggle stickers; they’re a form of flat lenticular stickers. A word I had never heard before. (And I thought I knew everything.)]

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2 Responses to The Little Genius

  1. PEntrikin says:

    I linked to a pic of this Little Einsteins card… I was appalled, as well. I mean, even my kids, ages 7 and 4, know where Old Faithful is!

  2. RPS says:

    Thanks for your link. I tried (and tried) to get a good scan of the ‘Yosemite’ card after my son bent it out of shape, but hadn’t managed it so far.

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