Fairies 1, Developers 0

If you’ve followed our exodus from Maine since the beginning, you know that we were supposed to move into our current apartment at the end of August, but didn’t get in until the first week of October. Why? Because of… what’s the word I want here? Lawyers.

Well, I guess a person can’t blame everything on lawyers. And let me say ‘allegedly’ because of lawyers — I was far away in Bar Harbor, and really don’t know the whole story. I do know that, because of various legal ramifications (hereunto, thereupon, and forthwith, as the you-know-who would say), no one at all could move into the little low-income development of a half-dozen or so houses across the road, which we can just see out our front window. (By the way, congratulations to Vermont, or at least this part of Vermont, for actually managing to get a low-income development into existence. People on Mount Desert Island have been talking about same for years, and getting nowhere.)

Since the family living in our apartment couldn’t move out to their new place, a few hundred steps away, until the town was satisfied that the developer actually had met the zoning or wetlands or whatever type of regulations he (allegedly) was trying to skirt past, we couldn’t move in. Starting in mid-August, the word came down every two weeks or so that everything would be settled “sometime in the next two weeks.? And, just like Christmas always comes if you wait long enough, that prediction ultiimately came true.

Today I learned about another developer, this one in Perthshire, Scotland, who’s having his own construction problems. Neighbors are worried that his new housing project is going to disturb the local fairy population.

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