Key(note) Speaker

Got a ride back home after I turned our rental car in today at noon (about four miles away); traveled in a truck driven by this university student who shall remain nameless. We looped around on Bay Road to avoid the construction in the south lanes on Route 7, and he said he liked it out there by the water. One time, he told me, he got to return a Cadillac along this route after dropping off a customer, and he allowed as to how the Cadillac drove rather sprightly (not his word).

I mentioned that some rental car companies now use GPS to track a customer’s driving habits, and he told me about coming up from Connecticut recently with a friend who’s related to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. They were driving the dad’s $150,000 Mercedes, which uses a special electronic key.


Later, when the father took the car in for service, the dealership hooked the key up to a computer, then told him, “Do you know someone’s been driving your car at 160 mph??

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3 Responses to Key(note) Speaker

  1. I dunno. It quacks like a blog…

  2. RPS says:

    I don’t hear any quacking. Besides, I had to fill the site with something until I got everything organized over here. It also occurs to me — and don’t know why I never thought of this before —that blogging could be quite useful in avoiding real work, yet giving the impression that something is being accomplished.

  3. dhacker says:

    I’m with Michelle Shocked. What happened to “blog? we got enough of them out there”?

    i’d prefer the blog myself – keeps me from doing rwal work as well.

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