Ezra and I met the governor this afternoon (my wife was off in NH at a teacher training conference). I mean, we’ve been here a month, what was the holdup?

The occasion was a ribbon cutting at the athletic club just up the street from us (other side) to celebrate these really pretty amazing indoor soccer fields coming to town. (I also was curious to see the club, which is so posh in general that I’m sure we will never go back.) Anyway, we strolled over from our apartment and the .gov was standing just outside the front doorway, with a friendly guy who turned out to be the janitor of the place. I knew the governor was going to be there, and had seen a (bad) photo of him once, but I never expected him to be standing out in front with only a custodian as entourage.

I took him, thus, for the owner or general manager, and was starting to congratulate him on his soccer fields when the janitor began ridiculing me for not knowing who the governor was. Whereupon I apologized, and told him I had just arrived in his fair state (not my words exactly), and was excused. He has a firm handshake, and was much taller than he appeared in his photo. (He’s also, I see from his site, two years younger than me — perhaps I should have called him Sonny.)

The political gossip columnist in the weekly paper downtown refers to him as Gov. Scissorhands —apparently the .gov is well-known for going around, cutting ribbons, and declaring things open, rather than doing any actual governing. Which, I must admit, is exactly what he was doing when we met him.

p.s. Speaking of the .gov, I was interested to see, in the same political column recently, this account:

At 7:40 Monday morning, on WVMT’s Charlie and Ernie Show, the question in the weekly UVM hockey trivia contest was: “Who scored the winning UVM goal against Niagara?? It was open phones, and the first caller had the correct answer: Chris Myers.

Asked his name by Charlie the DJ, the caller replied “Jim.? Asked for an address to send the winning prize, Jim replied, “The Statehouse.? Our governor’s cover was blown.

Now, Gov. Scissorhands appears frequently on the Charlie & Ernie Show. He’s signed legislation, issued proclamations, and even cut ribbons on the WVMT airwaves. But, DJ Charlie Papillo told Inside Track, Gov. Jim Douglas was not on the schedule that morning. Got to love ‘live’ radio, eh?

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2 Responses to VT.gov

  1. cesar says:

    i drove to 49 of the 50 states and met many a leitenant givernor but never a governor, and u walts in to state and in a few days are confusing an actual governor with a janitor!

  2. jessamyn says:

    The big joke around here is that everyone meets the governor. Like everyone in the state. Howard Dean was famous for going to every big fair and so you’d just see him walking around “Oh, hey Howard….”

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